I have been a keen photographer since my teens when I was restricted to using my parents camera which was a very basic point and shoot. I think it was a Kodak Instamatic. When I started work I managed to acquire a second hand Pentax SLR. After a few years I progressed to the Olympus OM1 and then the OM2. During this stage I was taking black and white film and colour slides. My interests at this early stage were mainly nature. I was lucky enough to be able to set up a darkroom in our spare bedroom complete with sink, though when our children arrived I lost this. My photography then became family orientated.

It was following a trek to the Annapurna Mountain Range in the Himalayas in 2009 that my interests were re-ignited. I was using a Panasonic T27, at that time, which was adequate for family holidays but not for the sort of photography I wanted to capture.

I promptly bought a Canon EOS 550D with the standard kit lens. This was very quickly followed by the purchase of a 70-300mm zoom and a fixed 400mm. I was starting to take the images I wanted to but had no outlet for showing them. In 2011 I joined Yateley Camera Club and very quickly started entering their competitions and exhibitions.

Today I am still an active member of Yateley Camera Club. I regularly enter BPE competitions and have my BPE 3* and have also applied for and obtained my DPAGB. My main interests are nature, landscapes and sports. I try to get as many days out with the camera as I can. I have upgraded the 550D to a Mirrorless R5 via a 5D mk iii, and my 400mm to a 100-500mm Zoom.